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Who is GG SupaFee?

GG SupaFee is simply an extraordinary talent from Atlanta, Ga.

Not only a musician, GG SupaFee is an artist very passionate about a variety of dream/career fields. Especially the vast field of the entertainment industry. So much so that he has transformed his website into one of the hottest hubs for all of the latest hiphop, current events, technology, business, sports, fashion, and hilarious content on the web.

Where You From Bruh?

Though SupaFee’s whole family is from Atlanta, Ga, GG took his first breaths in Virginia Beach, Virginia due to his father joining the navy and his mother wanting to be closer to her husband. After spending his first year of life in Virginia, his mother moved back to Atlanta, Ga, Cleveland Ave. to be exact.

The self titled “Supa Fee” has been writing and rapping since 7 Years old.

First hearing what he sounded like over a beat recording into headphones into “sound recorder” on the super throwback computer with his neighborhood friend at the age of 12. He says ever since that moment he knew there was no looking back and has been mastering his sound over instrumentals since then. Musically, feeling like one of the innovators in the transition to the digital age and always into marketing, in the 8th grade, GG began to upload his music and collaborate with fellow artists hip to the early adapting data storing platforms.

Though from the “Dirty South”, GG’s sound is uniquely different from the normal “popular” sounds you have grown accustomed to hear. Probably because of the broad music catalog he was either forced to hear sitting in the backseat as his mother sung countless classics repeatedly and also of course a mix of his own tastes in different genres.

Self boasting and taking pride in the “cliche” theme of creativity and originality. GG’s melodies and style is quite surprisingly very refreshing. He credits his inspiration to start making music to his natural love for writing.
At the beginning of a very promising legacy, GG SupaFee has stated that he will strive to give his all, Every word. Every song. Every time.

GG Supreme EP

After a few years away from the music scene, June 28, 2018 GG SupaFee released his debut EP “GG Supreme” to his fans via the great online music distribution world as a warm up to showcase his still, superior talent and dedication for music.
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To stay current on all things related to GG, Be sure to follow all of his social media accounts. Of course for sure, all things music you can find here at GGSupaFee.com. One of our goals here is to make this a great experience where you want to continue to be for all of the latest news from your favorite people.

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